Air vs Oxygen

Natural air is different than pure oxygen in that air is taken freely from nature and oxygen is one isolated element. Both have an important role to play, but have different effects on the body.

Our canned air is mountain sourced and a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, forms of carbon and other naturally found elements. This air is pure, just as it would exist if you were standing on that mountain yourself and breathing in the lush green trees and snow-crested peaks.

Breathing Pure Himalayan Air is about getting a perfect blend of air that gives a physical and emotional boost.

Oxygen, on the other hand, is quite different. Oxygen is often used for medical purposes or by athletes for short periods of time. In fact, prolonged use of oxygen can be harmful to the body so unlike clean air that can not be enjoyed anytime.

Pure oxygen isn’t something the average person uses everyday because overuse can have harmful effects and it could weaken the bodies ability to breathe in normal oxygen environments