Wonder how we get fresh air from the mountains and into your hands? It’s quite the process, and it involves state of the art compression and delivery systems to ensure only the highest quality air gets to your lungs. Vision to provide a revolutionary product is something difficult, but we make it look as easy as only for our customers as 1, 2, 3, 4 !

Capture The Freshness

This is the best part of the process. We get to visit a beautiful and pristine Himalayan location so we can capture its most valuable resource, clean, pure, fresh air.

Transfer the goodness to bottle

Using the highest standards in cold press compression, we fill individual containers directly on location. The capturing process is conducted using medical grade equipment and our quality control is second to none.


These containers are then packed and shipped directly to you anywhere in the world so you can enjoy our pure air anywhere at anytime.

Customer Enjoy

When the air gets to you, it’s gone through quite a journey. We’ve invested a lot into our compression, canning and delivery process so that what you get in the end is the same air that hangs on the crisp Himalayan Mountains.